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ABR Viewer for Mac user. Preview your brushes with it!

Many of my reader might know already about it though, finally, we, Mac user can preview brushes without loading them in Photoshop but the ABR Viewer!!

If you have lots of brushes like me, you might have wanted to view all brushes that you have at a time without slowing down your computer. The standalone software ABR viewer generates a small thumbnail preview your brushes, no matter how many, so you don’t have to go through each brush to see whether you want to use it or not.

Windows users have been able to do it with the ABR viewer for long time but it has been not available for Mac users, but finally, thanks to Robert Redwood, we can finally download Mac and Linux version from easyelements for free.

This is definitely grate time saver and if you have many brushes you can’t miss it!

2 Responses to “ABR Viewer for Mac user. Preview your brushes with it!”

  1. Dennis says on April 17th, at 3:16 pm

    I’m currently behind the buzz. I didn’t know that we can preview brushes without loading them. Thanks for the information. This would be more convenient for me.

  2. Robert Sharp says on June 3rd, at 4:21 pm

    This is good information to know because most of the people that I know use Mac computers and those computers are better for making graphics or videos. It is great that they found a way to use ABR viewer.