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CSS Prefixer. You can get vender prefixes instantly!

I love all border-radius, box-shadow, text-shadow and..etc. but hate to write all vender prefix each time but never more! CSSPrefixer inserts all necessary vender prefix for the maximum cross browsers compatibility. Love it! Read More »

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Free Christmas Vector Pack

I would like thank everybody who supported me this year. Here is a free grungy Christmas vector pack to download. Happy xmas! Read More »

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How to make the categories selection window taller with jQuery in WordPress admin

This solves something that has bothered me for sometime in WordPress admin interface. When a site has a lot of categories, the categories selection window is just not tall enough and we have to find the right category by scrolling the tiny window, but no more! With jQuery, the window expands dynamically. Amazing. Open you function.php and paste the following code. Read More »

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How to show your latest tweets on your WordPress site without a plugin

Showing your latest tweets on your WordPress site is a good way to help your readers staying tuned with you, and doing it became a such common task. A plug-in can do that job but it’s simple tasks and if you are WordPress themer you probably should do it without a plug-in. Read More »

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How to fix ugly, fat font rendering in Safari 4

Safari 4 got better font-rendering than the previous Safari 3 but it still annoys me especially when it comes to Georgia. Look at the screenshot below. It’s still ugly and fat. Don’t you think so? Read More »

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Where you can get web fonts to use ‘@font-face’ in CSS3, roundup.

We, web designers have been frustrated by the lack of choices of fonts that are available for web design. The web has waited long enough. Yes, now we can use extensive selections of web fonts using @font-face property in CSS3 but wait, where can we get those web fonts? Here is the roundup. Read More »

Preview your Photoshop brushes with Brush Pilot.

brush pilot 512 Preview your Photoshop brushes with Brush Pilot.I have been using ABR Viewer for a while but it’s time to move on. Brush Pilot is a fast and easy application for previewing your Photoshop brushs collection. It’s not free but it’s just $15.00 and if you are like me who is someone has a lot of brush collections and if you think about how much you can save time, it totally worth it. “Time is money”, right? Read More »

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New version of my site is here

Yes, finally here is the  new version 3 of my site!
Well, content wise, it’s not quite there yet but I’m pretty happy about how its looking so far.. Obviously it’s powered by WordPress as it’s my favorite and I carefully taken care of grid, typography, baseline grid and on-page SEO. I always like the simple beauty of the colour combination black and white and I believe this combo is perfect for presenting content that really needs to stand out.
I hope you like it.

ABR Viewer for Mac user. Preview your brushes with it!

Many of my reader might know already about it though, finally, we, Mac user can preview brushes without loading them in Photoshop but the ABR Viewer!! Read More »

Free vector pack

It’s that time again free vector folks!! It has been long time since wings, splatter inks and butterflies got popular as design elements but we don’t see horses as design elements much nowadays. I like horses, and they are beautiful, aren’t they? So, with hopes that horses become the next trend, I releases this vector pack for my readers. Read More »

Free vector foliage ornaments pack

This is for free vector fans! Foliage ornaments are often useful for little jazz up illustrations. Read More »